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Always on Time and Affordable Plumbing
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Mr. Jahn Dollwet,

I have been working in the water/fire damage restoration industry for over 12 years.

Over the last 8 years here in South Florida, I have relied on your company’s quality service on our project jobsites and in my client’s homes.

A few weeks ago, I had an unexpected pipe break at the main water shut off to my own home. I contacted you and you immediately dispatched your plumber Chris to my home.

I wanted to take a moment to share with you how thoroughly impressed I was with your plumber Chris and your company’s commitment to excellence.

Chris arrived “on time” as promised and with the proper equipment required to make the necessary plumbing repairs. Unfortunately, the broken pipe was fitted tightly against my home.

In my experience, I have seen the aftermath of other plumbing companies work. Some companies would simply tear out siding or stucco from a home to expedite access without giving consideration to the additional costs to the owner for these repairs.

Chris worked diligently and made a concerted effort to protect my home without damaging the structure. He advised me of the challenges in making the plumbing repair but opted for the least disruptive option first. The repair was successful.  In addition to these emergency repairs, Chris replaced the shut off valves in my laundry room, protecting my home from future damage.

Chris was exacting, skillful, and yet expeditious in making the needed repairs.

I would definitely recommend your company to anyone in need of reliable and affordable services.

Although the pipe break was unfortunate, I am pleased that I can share my firsthand experience with your company’s excellent quality of service with homeowners.

Kind Regards, 




Description Of Work: Replaced some damaged galvanized pipe in one of our condo units and put in a new water heater.

Comments: They really know how to work in condos. They're clean, prompt, professional, and good at their job. Obviously I think very highly of their work. As their name implies, they are on time, charge a fair rate and are very knowledgeable.  As always happens, most of my problems happen at 4:45 Friday, Christmas Eve, New Years Eve.......you know, the times that make a Condo Association General Manager have a nervous breakdown. Regardless of when I have really needed them, they have always been there for us.  Great employees, pricing and work.  What more could you ask for.


Description of Work:  Replace cracked drain hose

Comments: Thinking we had a clog in the drain line for the washing machine, but the problem was a crack in the drain hose from the washer. The toilet problem was fixed but it has now begun to run again so another call will be made to this same plumber. I would recommend this company. They were prompt, courteous, and clean.


Description Of Work: Repaired and replaced the insides of a toilet.  Toilet stopped working.

Comments: He came - when he said - he completed the job in 30 minutes and charged only $87 for a Saturday call.  I have used Jahn's company many times in the past - from minor plumbing repairs (kitchen sink - replacement -replacement of valves) to major plumbing installation for a new and pre-existing bathroom.  He is EXCELLENT - knowledgable and does what he says he will.   He is definitely worth the  call.